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Universal Solar America



Universal Solar provides solar project development, financing and consulting services for developers, utilities, commercial, and municipal property owners, focusing on solar photovoltaic technologies reducing the cost of energy for the host.


Universal Solars’ large development and financial services consists of:

  • Tax Equity and Debt Financing Solutions
  • Institutional Investors
  • Accounting and Structuring Services
  • Taxation and Law Firms
  • International REC & Carbon Brokers
  • Commercial Leasing & PPA lending
  • Design and Build Electrical Contractors
  • Civil, Mechanical & Structural Engineering firms
  • Engineering and Production Guarantees
  • Tax Capitalization and Debt Financing
  • Legal and Accounting Services
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Lease Programs
  • Commercial Property Development
  • Land Entitlements and Allocation
  • REC and International Carbon Brokering
  • Renewable Energy Grant Processing
  • Procurement and Construction

Our strategic partners have participated in the development and financing of renewable energy systems representing over 500 megawatts in the United States.

Project Financing
Universal Solar provides the knowledge, experience, and background to fund qualified renewable energy projects. Our team consists of industry experts that understand tax laws, federal and state regulations, utility incentive structures, and the renewable energy credit markets that determine whether a project is viable for finance. Optimizing all available incentives is the key to maximizing the rate of return on a renewable energy project; Universal Solar staff are experts at this.

Design & Engineering
Universal’s experienced design staff combines over fifteen years of experience in the design and installation of electrical systems, including solar photovoltaic, FMC, PLC, motor control, and internal reconstruction. Universal’s engineering team has created, trained, and managed teams for as-built installation projects on major municipal utility projects. We have also developed construction designs for new power distribution facilities, as well as renovation of existing power distribution facilities.

Universal handles all product procurement for every project we do resulting in the ability to deal directly with manufacturers and by-pass the distributor unlike most other solar companies. Universal receives volume discounts which help lower the cost of installation, allowing us to pass savings on to the customer.


Universal Solar is becoming one of the world’s leading solar companies, delivering turnkey solar installations, including:

  • Carrying out engineering assessment (validates the design) and selects contractors
  • Handling all grid connection procedures
  • Executing the construction plan according to a fixed price
  • Supervising all key steps, including testing and commissioning procedures
  • Providing a comprehensive set of guarantees (penalties, price adjustment mechanism, equipment guarantees…) and taking out insurance to cover the entire construction phase, as well as the solar project’s useful life.

In addition, it provides a 2 year system guarantee and a 1 year system performance guarantee, via monitoring.


O&M: Operation and Maintenance

Optimizing our clients’ long term solar power generation is one of Universal Solars founding principles. Operating the facilities is one of the keystones of its commitment. Universal Solar assists each and every one of its clients during and after installation of their solar energy systems, regardless of their size.

Universal Solar is committed by the owner to:

Supervise the solar plant construction and operation for a 1-year period starting from delivery date via a construction-operation contract. Operate and provide maintenance services for a 19-29 year period, starting from the expiry date of the construction-operation contract via a construction-maintenance contract.

These contracts include:

  • Correction of faults under guarantee (Performance guarantee)
  • Performance validation (Monitoring of the performance ratio)
  • System management
  • Preventive maintenance of the equipment installed at the off-site centers involved in the operations
  • Day-to-day maintenance (removing vegetation, cleaning the panels, etc.)
  • Damage repair
  • Spare part supply management
  • Regulatory compliance upgrades as necessary
  • Administrative and Financial management
  • Continuous System Monitoring and verification


Lower Costs + Renewable Energy + Reduced Grid Dependence = Ideal Solar Solution Solar energy saves money. It's good for the environment. It provides social and economic benefits on both a local and national scale. And, with Universal Solar innovative services and expertise, these benefits can be achieved with minimal investment of in-house resources. Financially:
  • Produces the most energy when most is needed.
  • Provides long-term hedge against rising energy costs.
  • Enables predictable pricing that is equal to or below retail energy rates.
  • Deliver energy with zero emissions.
  • Enable energy production that is unobtrusive and silent.
  • Can be deployed virtually anywhere that there is sunlight
  • Supports national energy independence by reducing the need for fossil fuels.
  • Provides power locally, reducing the need for extensive "grid" infrastructure.
  • Creates jobs for the local economy.